(that video will explain to you the financial tool i have put together which can help movements like corbyn's magnify their strength (financial) by 1000s. (and that tells you a bit more about megacorbyn, and also explains when I will release to you the precise details of how you can use it. (third vid in the series) (fourth vid) (fifth vid)

{note on 23 feb 23, 17:00 gmt - the job is done, i can give you a marvellous tool and will do so shortly - just have to assemble the training material for you - the testing is done, megacorbyn now exists; on full inspection i realise it's so good that it outclasses even the 'borg queen' method and i may well simply switch over to it. Although in the short term the borg queen method can potentially bring useful funds for using with megacorbyn but at a risk which simply trying to expand the money with megacorbyn will not take - in exchange for that risk borg queen has a short term (but not long term) advantage, so I'm not sure exactly what I'll do just yet, in coming months. For now I think I will just use megacorbyn - it may well be enough and lift off by itself amazingly, as you'll see from the training material - but if it doesn't perhaps I'll be tempted to invervene with a bit of borg queen just to get a tastier budget to begin with. Megacorbyn compounds well and easily, so it may make it by itself, but either way once it's well fuelled it'll do some fine speeds indeed.}